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Post  Tigerj2 on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:18 pm

Pudge is possibly the best initiator/pick of hero in the game because of his ridiculously long stun from the ultimate and long ranged hook that pulls opponents to you coupled with a rot that slows and damages the opponents within the move radius. Let's get started with his moves shall we.

Q-Meat Hook- This move is as i said possibly the best initiator in the game because it does high damage and pulls the opponent hooked to you. This move can hook almost anything in the game with obvious exceptions like roshan so be careful trying to land this move.
Tips on how to land a meat hook:

1. TRY and predict an opponents presence, if you get the hook then it is almost 100% a kill if you ulti and rot.
2. Blind hooks (hooks through the fog even though you can't see the opponent) work sometimes if you have a slight indication of where the opponents are...just dont hook when you really just dont know where the opponent is.
3. Do not use this move early game to much because it will screw with your mana and 1 hook means you cant use it again for a while until your mana recovers.
4. This move can hook invisible targets like riki
5. This move can hook anyone even if they are under invokers of euls sceptre's tornado
6. And last but not least take chances with this move and look for sure fire hooks. For example: An enemy hero is auto attacking a creep <-- if this is happening then quickly hook and rot/ulti for a kill.
BTW this move changes range as it levels.
^ this is one of the most skill shot moves in the game because it doesn't target and go through creeps.
Distance: 700/900/1100/1300
Damage: 90/180/270/360
CD: 14/13/12/11
Mana Cost: 110/120/130/140

W-Rot-This move is to be activated the moment you hook or ulti and should be disabled if you are taking high damage amounts. This move can kill yourself (deny) because it damages yourself and opponents in the radius, because this move can kill yourself it should be used to kill yourself in desperate situations so the opponent wont get as much reward for killing you. This is also the reason you get magic armour for pudge FIRST.
This is a toggle move meaning it has no cool down and can be used as you see fit. This move can be activated during your ulties channel and when you are hooking so dont be stingy with it.
Radius: 250
Slow: 20%
Damage (To opponent and self): 35/60/85/110
Mana cost: NONE

E-Flesh heap- This passive gives you charges when an enemy hero is killed within a certain radius. The charges provide str permanently (meaning they cannot be removed). This move will sense the amount of kills/assists you have when it is leveled for the first time.
Range: 450
Magic Resistance: 4%/8%/12%/16%
Strength Bonus: 0.9/1.2/1.5/1.8

R (ulti)- Dismember- Pudge channels this ulti on the target for 3 seconds dealing damage over the 3 seconds. When this ulti is activated you can also activate rot in conjunction with dismember doing the extra damage. This move has a relatively deceiving move when it comes to it's range so be careful. This move will go through magic immunity stunning the opponent but it wont do any damage to the opponent as long as they are magic immune. BTW a troll thing is that this move can target couriers but it wont do damage on them xD. Sceptre adds a strength-based damage bonus and heals Pudge equal to the damage dealt by Dismember.
Range: 160
Damage: 75/125/175 (+0.75× strength*)
CD: 30
Mana Cost: 100/130/170

Skill build: Q,W,Q,E,Q,R,Q,W,W,W,R,E,E,E,+,R,+,+,+,+,+,+,+,+,+


Starting: Bottle or 2 gauntlets,1 clarity,1 salve,2 branch
Early Game: Boots of speed, Magic Wand, Cloak
Core: Phase boots, Hood of defiance, Urn of Shadows
Situational: Heart of terasque, Force staff, Drums of endurance, Pipe of insight, Sceptre, Shivas guard, Blade Mail, Black king bar (Usually not gotten)


1. Rot,Hook,Dismember,Chase and attack
2. (force staff before this if needed) Rot,Dismember,Hook,Chase and attack

If you can hook properly then your odds of winning will shoot up as you will have a good initiator and single target stun.


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