How to play GyroCopter the old man on a blimp

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How to play GyroCopter the old man on a blimp Empty How to play GyroCopter the old man on a blimp

Post  Tigerj2 on Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:06 am

Gyrocopter is a ranged AGILITY hero. He has the ability to do an amazing amount of damage to a single target.

NOTE: Ulti has a delayht
Gyrocopter has 3 MAIN roles and those are: A Disabler,nuker and initiator.

Gyrocopter is a versatile initiator because of his ulti doing an AoE slow and burst damage if it is aimed correctly (otherwise it will be a fail initiation).

Gyrocopter is a good Nuker because of his ulti doing huge damage in an AoE, His homing missile which does a good amount of damage at full damage + a pretty damn long stun and his rocket barrage which sends out a bunch of DPH missiles at a single target for a period of time.

Gyrocopter is a good disable because of his ulti's slow and his homing missiles considerably long stun.

Gyrocopter has 4 moves which are:

Q-Rocket Barrage- This move is a great move because it causes your opponent to lose hp at a rapid rate (to the closest opponent in the move radius). If this skill is at lvl 4 then it will do about 460 damage (not including armour) over about 3 seconds making it a viable nuke in team fights.

Radius: 400
Duration: 3
Number of Rockets: 30
Damage Per Rocket: 11/15/19/23
Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5
Mana Cost: 90

W-Homing Missile- This move is a good move because it does a good amount of damage if it is fired of for long enough. It does a 2.5 second stun to the target it is activated on. Be warned that this move takes quite a long time to get ready and the missile that is moving towards your target can be destroyed by being attack before it reaches it's designated target.

Cast Range: 1050
Stun Duration: 2.5
Minimum Damage: 50
Maximum Damage: 110/220/330/440
Cooldown: 20/17/14/11
Mana Cost: 120/130/140/150

E-Flak Cannon- This move is good for farming creeps and being able to hit multiple targets at a time in team fights. The amount of attack that split depend on the level of the skill. Be warned that anything that gives you critical is only done to the main targets not the sub target of Flack cannon.

Radius: 1000
Duration: 3/4/5/6 attacks, or 15 seconds
Cooldown: 20
Mana Cost: 50

R(Ultimate)-Call Down- This move is an ulti which has 2 phases in itself. The first missile that comes down in the AoE of this move does a big amount of damage and a small slow. The second missile that comes down in the AoE does a small amount of damage but a large slow. This ulti is a viable initiator because it does the above in an AoE to highly damage and slow down the enemy's for your team to finish of.
Range: 1000 (Global*)
Radius: 450
Duration: 2/3
Missile One Damage: 250/300/350
Missile Two Damage: 100/150/200 (175/225/275*)
Missile One Movement Speed Slow: 20%
Missile Two Movement Speed Slow: 50%
Cooldown: 55/50/45
Mana Cost: 125
Skill Build for Gyrocopter:


Item Build

Start of: 2 Branches,1 Tango, 1 salve and 1 circlet
Early Game: Boots of speed, Magic wand (depending on the amount of skills they use)
CORE: Build boots into Powertreads, Buy a shadowblade, Buy a sceptre (optional you can save this till later)
Situational: Linkens sphere, Manta Style, Butterfly, Black King Bar, blademail (<-- only if you find no other alternative. THIS IS IN NO WAY AN ITEM YOU GET IF YOU ARE NOT THE SINGULAR TARGET IN FIGHTS AND YOU HAVE A BKB)
Never get lifesteal or healing items PLEASE (especially you robert)

Some Combos you can do with Gyrocopter:

Call Down,Flak Cannon,Rocket Barrage,Auto Attack a bit, Use homing either before the fight or to chase down a fleeing hero.

Try start your combos with call down so that it hits the most enemy's possible unless it's unnecessary. This is because it has a relatively low CD of 45 seconds at max lvl.

Some item tips:

ShadowBlade: Activate this when you are trying to get away or trying to kill an opponent. It gives a boost of ms and damage for 1 hit.

Manta Style: Use this when you are trying to push or get away. This is also useful for cancelling certain moves like bountyhunters track.

Black King Bar: Use this when you are trying to get away or going into a team fight because it gives you at least 5 seconds of immunity to magic meaning that almost all of the time you wont get ganked. NOTE that pudges ulti will go through bkb and stun but not do damage

Blademail: Use this in a fight the moment you start getting targeted. It will redirect a portion of the damage dealt to you back to the opponent. Also it usually scares of some of the other opponents.


Also lmk if i need any improvements on this

Jason made this Razz (also i have never even played gyro cause i cbf Razz )


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