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Post  Tigerj2 on Tue Dec 11, 2012 9:58 am

Here is a guide I made to show the players in the team who don't quite 100% get the items dota 2 has to offer
These are going the be the items in the COMMON section of the shop.

Wraith Band (485g): Just an item you use slippers of agility to build into. This item is good for some laning phase stats for survivability.
+3 str/int
+6 agi
+3 dmg

Null Talismn (480g): These are the same as a wraith band but provide more int than agi
+3 str/agi
+6 int
+3 dmg

Bracer (525g): The same as the Wraith band but gives more str instead of agi
+3 agi/int
+6 str
+3 dmg

Magic Wand (509g): This is an item you use a magic stick to build onto. The only difference between this and the magic stick is the stats and you have 15 charges max instead of 10 charges max. This is useful because it gives you the extra hp/mana to get through a team fight or to save yourself from dying.
+3 str/agi/int

Poor mans shield (550g): This item is useful for a variety of heroes that get a stout shield to begin with. This item blocks more than a stout shield and even gives a few agi as a bonus.
Chance to Block Non-Hero Damage: 60%
Damage Blocked (melee wielder): 20
Damage Blocked (ranged wielder): 10

Soul Ring (800g): This item is extremely useful for mana consuming heroes such as storm spirit. It gives you an instant boost of mana at the cost of 100 hp. This item is to be used with caution as it makes you just a bit more squishy until you regenerate what you lost. If you use this item in a fight and a hero within a specific radius dies, then you get the hp you lost back as a reward for killing the hero Very Happy
Consume 150 HP to temporarily gain 150 mana. Lasts 10 seconds.
+3hp regeneration
+50% mana regeneration

Phase Boots (1350g): These boots are useful for heroes who need an extra push of damage and burst of speed e.g a carry. These boots give you unit walking for it's duration meaning you can move through creeps and not get blocked by those little buggers.
Bonus Movement Speed: 16%
Duration: 4
+55 movement speed
+24 damage
Gives Unit walking for duration

Power Treads (1400g): These are boots that are useful because they offer +8 of any stats and can be changed during battle so you can have more of one stat e.g changing from str (red) to int (blue) for some extra mana to cast a spell. These boots are also useful because they provide extra attack speed.
+8 to selected attribute
+30 Attack speed
+55 Movement speed
Active-Cycle through str/int/agi

Oblivion Staff (1675g): This item is not so useful unless you are building a refresher orb or orchids malevolence. It gives attack speed, Damage, Mana regen and int.Please refrain from getting this unless you are building one of the above items.
+6 Intelligence
+75% Mana regeneration
+15 Damage
+10 Attack speed

Perseverance (1750g): This item provides health and mana regeneration. It can be ONLY purchased from the secret shop (buying a void stone and a ring of health. It is once again like the Oblivion staff not very useful unless you are building a linkolns sphere, bloodstone, battle fury and refresher orb.
+5 HP regeneration
+125% Mana regeneration
+10 Damage

Hand of Midas (1900g): This item is only gotten when you are a jungle hero who has a amass a ridiculous amount of farm in a short period e.g Lone Druid. It lets you instantly kill a enemy creep or neutral creep for 190 gold and 1.5× the unit's normal experience in addition to the normal exp you get from a creep e.g 62 exp + 98 exp if used.
+30 Attack speed
Kills a non-hero target for 190 gold and 2.5× experience. Cannot be used on Ancients.

Boots of travel (2450g): These boots give the highest movement speed in the game and will let you teleport to a friendly structure or creep. These boots are rarely brought but on specific occasions it is okay to buy one in exchange for your current boots. This item also shares a cooldown with the Town Portal scroll
+100 movement speed
Active- Target a creep or structure to channel for 3 seconds and teleport to it

These are all the items in the common section. Read it if you don't quite understand the items in the game. I will make future guides for items or even heroes. Have fun. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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